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Sue Marks, Designer & Principal

Our goal is to work with you to create a home environment that best reflects you, your comforts and personal tastes. By providing our professional design expertise, we can help you design a living space that is beautiful, functional, and most of all, that looks and feels like your own. It is not our objective to be recognized as having a particular design style—we'd rather have our work reflect the individual tastes and personalities of our clients. Our designers can assist in every aspect of home design and remodeling . . . from color, furniture, & accessory selection to space planning and project coordination. For a more complete list of our services, click here.

About Sue Marks

Sue founded The Design Center in 1996. Together with the other designers on her staff, she works directly with clients to plan and implement their design plans. During the last three years, Sue has been the principal designer for a large production-home builder, winning numerous awards (Frederick County Maryland Builders Association) for her creations. Sue is a registered Interior Design Society member and has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management/Design.

Interior Designer in Martinsburg, WV

There comes a time when the look of your home or business needs to be refreshed/redefined. Perhaps the rooms look dated, or maybe you just want to experiment with something new and bold. While you can do it on your own, getting help from a professional interior designer can make the improvement experience easier for you; and, you will not lose time, energy, sleep or money by making unnecessary mistakes. The designer will guide you expertly along the way.

The specific design needs of your home or office can vary depending on your own personal wants and needs and budget! Often, a one-hour appointment may be all you need to satisfy your needs. The designer will guide you to being more confident regarding your thoughts on how to move forward. If, on the other hand, you have grander visions of beautiful upholstery, color schemes, or custom window treatments, that too can be easily handled. Providing the designer (in this case: Sue Marks) with your thoughts and "vision" are the way to start a productive rapport; and, to discuss how much you are hoping to spend (or not spend) on the overall plan.

Home Staging and House Fluffing are two other ways I can assist you with your existing furnishings...often, allowing me to just create a gentle face-life to your spaces is all that is needed. At The Design Center, LLC, we are staffed with experts in interior design who can make your dream-space become a reality. Get started on the design process by calling us at (304) 260-8810 today. We are the top choice for interior design services in Martinsburg, WV; the Eastern Panhandle and the tri-state area.

Feel free to call or text Sue Marks, the owner, at: (304) 676-7785. Email is: (References are available)...Love making life happy for others - call Sue Marks today to help you achieve your dreams (304) 260-8810 or (305) 676-7785.

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